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5 Things that’ll ruin Your Chances of Selling Your Home

If you’re trying to buy a house, it’s highly unlikely that the bigger economic picture of real estate in Anchorage, AK will distract you. Whatever the on goings of the real estate market in Anchorage, your focus is to advertise your house and sell it at the asking price if possible. But this approach offers no guarantees that you’ll actually find a qualified buyer. What exactly could you be doing wrong here?

No Pictures

Visual components of your ad can enhance your chances of selling your home. This means that you should take stunning photos of your home and post them on the listing site.  It’d be great to have a buyer’s expectations in mind as you take eye-catching shots using a higher pixel camera on your phone.

No Curb Appeal

If your house does not appeal from the outside, very few buyers would be interested in finding out what the inside looks like. That’s why it’s important that you neatly prepare the compound outside, trim trees, mow lawns and landscape properly. Make sure everything on the exterior tells a nice story of the inside of your home from a distance.

Bad Text

Are you promising unverifiable quality and value for the home you’re selling? Once sales-speak dominates your wording, with phrases such as, “the perfect home for your family”, any buyer can begin to doubt the truthfulness of everything else you say about your home. Thus, utilize limited listing space describing unique aspects of your home, such as a recently renovated bathtub, or serene neighborhood.

Your Home for the Showing

If you’re around when a potential home buyer is home for the showing, this can be quite a turn off. The buyer needs space and freedom to examine your house and ask their agent any questions that may pop up. This is going to be difficult if you or your family is around. Thus, you should find something to do outside your home for the period a showing is scheduled.

The above mentioned aspects fall within your control, whatever the conditions are for real estate in Anchorage, AK. Just don’t make the mistakes.

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