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Alaska Home Sellers – Is It Time for a Garage Sale?

Alaska homeowners putting their homes on the market may find that they have a little bit too much clutter to show their homes in the proper light. In an effort to get rid of their belongings, and in order to give their home a minimalistic look, many homeowners put their belongings in storage and some hold garage sales. I recommend the latter, which can help you unload your excess stuff and put some money in your pocket at the same time. Before you take out any ads and before you put balloons and signs at the end of your road, here are some tips that have always helped me out whenever I wanted to sell a lot of my stuff quickly.

Set Your Date Carefully

Don’t just pick a date out of a hat when planning your garage sale. It’s always a good idea to check the local area and even peruse the local newspaper (if you still subscribe to one) just to make sure nothing major is happening on the day you plan to hold your garage sale. You want your customers’ calendars empty and a nondescript weekend day will be perfect.

Get Everything Ready the Day Before

Don’t rush the morning of to get your garage sale ready. You want everything laid out so that all you have to do is show up to greet the first browsers. Make sure you have plenty of change on hand. As a general rule, you should have at least two rolls of quarters, twenty one-dollar bills and about ten five-dollar bills.

As an added tip, go through all the pockets of your clothing the night before your sale just to make sure you’re not giving anything valuable away by accident.

Plan Your Sales Floor

While it may seem easier to just throw your items on tables for the people to look through, it will be easier for inventory management and customer service if you have everything laid out so that it’s organized and so that there is plenty of room to move between tables/aisles.

Clear Pricing and Inventory Management

Mark each item clearly and make a list of everything you’re selling and the price you’ve set for each item. While the garage sale is ongoing, make a point to cross out any items that are sold, as well as a note for every dollar and cent received.

Have Necessary Items On Hand

It’s a good idea to have an extension cord ready just in case you happen to be selling electronic items and customers want to try them out before buying. Also, if you can remember to, save your grocery bags in the weeks leading up to the sale so that your customers have an easy way to get their purchased items home.

The Day of the Sale

The morning of the garage sale, move your items onto your driveway and try to put the most desirable items up front. Put directional signs throughout the neighborhood, clearly marked with your address and highlighted with balloons if possible. Finally, keep an eye on your customers but don’t hover over their shoulders. And be aware of scams. If you keep watch and you’ve prepared accordingly, and you mark everything down religiously, you’ll be bound to have a successful yard sale before you sell your Alaska home.

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