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General Tips on Preparing your Home For Sale

Below are some general yet all time effective tips that can help you prepare your home or property for sale:

Exterior: Upgrade your home’s curb appeal, if needed. Make sure that your lawn is well tended and free from weeds. Fertilizing will make the grass look greener. All flower beds should be weeded and mulch put down. Trim all bushes and shrubs, so that the facade of your house is easily visible.

All children’s toys, bikes and scooters should be put in the garage, or away from the front entrance. Power wash the walkways and siding of the house. Make sure that all windows have been recently washed.

Replace the old doormat, and use some colorful plants in containers near the front door. Make sure the front door’s paint looks good, with no peeling or faded paint. Place the trash cans in an area out of view.

If you have a pool, make sure that it has been recently cleaned. Put all pool toys away, and show the pool area as a serene and relaxing place.

The front area is a prospective buyer’s introduction to your house. It can pay to hire a professional to spruce up the lawn and landscaping, this is the most effective way to add value to your home with the lowest cost.

Interior: Make sure that the inside of your home is as clean as possible. It is worthwhile to hire a professional cleaning service, since nothing turns prospective buyers off more than a dirty house.

Use only neutral paint on the walls: Declutter your home, and remove personal photos and items. Open the curtains, and pull up any blinds. Let in as much natural light as possible.

Make sure all easy fixes have been done. Replace any broken tiles, and cover all outlets. The doors should open easily, and not squeak.

All appliances should be clean and in working order: If you have pets, make sure that you keep their food area and litter box as clean as possible. Clean these areas with bleach based cleaner to help remove odors.

Have an exterminator come in before you put your home up for sale. Get rid of any insects.

Teenagers and children’s rooms should be clean and neutral. Take down any posters, and have enough storage for toys.

Hang a large mirror in the living room. It will make the room look larger, and it will let prospective buyers “see” themselves in the space. It is worth buying one or two interesting and tasteful pieces of artwork. Ask Top Realtor in Anchorage, AK for more useful home staging tips.

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