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Top 3 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

General real estate advice for homes for sale in Anchorage, AK is to lower the asking price. Motivated sellers may not want to lower the price or may not be able to accept less than true market value. However, there are ways to sell a home without reducing the price.

Professionally Cleaned and Staged

It’s no secret that clean, attractive properties sell faster and bring better prices than those that are messy show obvious damage. Unless your home is already in showcase condition, you need to put some time and effort into important areas. To get the price you want, clean up your home inside and out. Plan to curb appeal and pay attention to the approach from the street and the front entrance. A good real estate agent will recommend storage of all personal belongings and professional cleaning and staging to put your property in the best light.

Extras Sell

To get every penny of your asking price, consider adding extras to attract and motivate buyers. Upgrade wiring and plumbing to eliminate dead outlets and slow water flow. Upgrade to high-grade windows for eye appeal and energy conservation. Consider having a professional inspection for asbestos and signing an asbestos disclaimer to put buyers at ease. An investment in landscape design adds to curb appeal and show off your property. A few attractive trees, an outdoor fireplace, a gazebo, or an outdoor kitchen can make your property stand out from neighboring homes and help buyers imagine themselves enjoying living there.

Offer Good Closing Terms

Research the most desirable closing terms in surrounding areas and find out what attracts buyers. Create more buyer incentives with good closing terms that may not be available from other sellers. Offer credit towards closing costs or offer to pay all the closing costs. If you have one, offer to include a transferable home warranty. If you can be flexible on when you can move out, offer quick closing in 30, 60, or 90 days, especially for spring and summer listings to attract families who want to move before the fall school session begins.

Make sure your asking price for homes for sale in Anchorage, AK price isn’t much higher than the surrounding homes, and build in as many advantages over other properties as you can to avoid lowering your sales price too much. The more attractive features your property and closing terms have, the more buyers you’ll attract at your asking price.

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